Mount Hiking Adventures in Africa

Mount hiking adventures is one of the most enjoyable activities due to the many mountains which exist in Africa though the activity seems to be hard and difficult.

For the activity to be simple for the hikers, the following are some of the tips they have to follow; they should begin hiking in the morning, they are advised to be serious and with mental toughness, they have to be in good physical shape.

The hikers are still advised to start the activity very confidently such that the hiking becomes just fine and easier for them.

Those on tours in Uganda for wildlife combine it with the hiking experiences are advised to carry extra cold weather layers such as hats, scarves and gloves and they should make sure to pack snacks as well as an excellent camera. The following are some of the best mountains in Africa good for mountain hiking adventures:

Mountain Elgon, it has the largest volcanic base in the whole world and this makes it very attractive to the hikers. It is found in eastern Uganda (Mbale) and some parts of western Kenya.

For the hikers of Mountain Elgon will get chances of seeing various wild animals and birds in Mountain Elgon national park. Many travelers find mountain Elgon an exciting alternative to the more strenuous climbs in East Africa.

It has many of same attractions with a milder climate and lower elevation and requires no special equipment or technical experience. Lucky hikers in mountain Elgon will enjoy being amongst the parks’ primates, birds and rare tree species.

Trails lead past caves, viewpoints and waterfalls with the option of camping overnight on the mountain slopes. There many lodges around mountain Elgon where hikers can live in during their hiking adventures and these include; Mbale resort hotel, Sipi River Lodge, Lacam Lodge, Mountain Elgon Hotel, Masha Hotel, Noah’s Ark Resort VIP, Sipi Falls Resort, Moses Campsite and many others.

Mountain Rwenzori is also one of the best mountains for mountain hiking adventures due to it being that it is Africa’s tallest mountain range and it is one of the most beautiful mountains in Africa.

Its snow capped peak (Margherita) is one of the attractive features on mountain Rwenzori. Its peak is believed to be the third highest mountain peak in Africa.

The mountain is found in the south western Uganda and for the hikers of mountain Rwenzori will have a chance to also view the 89 species of birds, 4 primates including chimpanzees and 15 butterfly species found in Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

Mountain Kilimanjaro is also a best place for mountain hiking adventures and the mountain is found in Tanzania near the city of Moshi.

It has the highest mountain peak in Tanzania thus making hikers who wish to go for hiking adventures in Tanzania to rush to mountain Kilimanjaro.

Mountain Kenya also attracts many mountain hikers to come to Kenya for the hiking adventures due to its beautiful and nice view and it is one of the mountains in Africa with the highest mountain peaks making it difficult to reach its summit though for the determined hikers can still make it and enjoy mountain hiking adventures at mountain Kenya.

Here hikers may also have chances of visiting mountain Kenya national park where he/she will see a variety of wildlife.

Mountain Kenya has good shelters for the hikers such as Selena mountain lodge, mountain Kenya safari lodge, Timau river lodge and many others.

Besides those mountains, there are many other good mountains ideal for mountain hiking adventures in Africa such as mountain Virunga in Congo, mountain Nyiragongo in Congo and Rwanda and so many others.

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